Zwerfie was here

A Zwerfie is a term that is used in the Netherlands. It is a combination of the Dutch word ‘zwerfafval’ (meaning ‘litter’) and the English word ‘selfie’. Although it means making a selfie while you hold a piece of litter, these days the word Zwerfie is also used to refer to a piece of litter. So when I say ‘Zwerfie was here’, I mean that there used to be a piece of litter at that spot, but now it is gone. I picked it up and threw it in a bin.

Hi, I am Fred, I am a Litterpicker and I am not ashamed to admit it.

And I am not the only one, there are many like me. A lot of different people all over the world, and with their own reason to do what they are doing.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to get to know some of them and see if people like these can be found all over the world?
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Let me start.

Fred Steenbergen

I am Fred and a couple of years ago I started to pick litter while I was walking with the dogs. I noticed some litter and decided to bring a bag to pick it up. And then things escalated. I got myself a grabber, created something that can hold a phone so I can take a picture of every piece of litter that I pick, I made a ‘jig’ which can hold two bags and these days I pick litter and cans. The litter goes in the bin, the cans are sold as aluminium and metal. Like I said, I do it while walking with the dogs, but I also do it while I am running (only cans in that case) or even while I am cycling to work (i don’t brake, I just grab whatever I can. I’m not going to change the world by doing this, but I can try to make a difference.


Frank Ogiamien

I don’t really know what to say for my reason for this activity… But in a few short years it has changed from keeping nature beautiful to trying to help avoid a global environmental crisis that gets worse by the day. That sounds too negative. I’ll have to come up with something better, I prefer to be positive about it. It is great exercise, I have met many new people in my community that also share this activity and it’s a good feeling when people honk in appreciation of my efforts.
Picture: Today’s efforts. 5 people, 30 bags total

Georgia More

Hi, I am Australian, but live in Singapore. I started picking up rubbish after going on short holidays in South East Asia and being appalled by the rubbish everywhere. A friend and I set up a group of pickers here – we now have 146 people who clean – some more than others. Singapore is a very clean country, but when you look for it, rubbish is everywhere.

Irma Kooiman

Hi, my name is Irma, I’be been picking litter for over a year know, learning a lot. Now I’m running my own FB page trying to get support from my neighborhood. Please pay me a visit and follow me!
Let’s keep up our good work!

Luke MacDonald

I love my city, province, country & world.
I just tell those folks,
“I like to give the world a hug everyday.”

Marieke Imthorn-vd Werk

Ik jut met #jutterskatwijk 1 à 2x per week een uur langs ons strand, zeereep en boulevard. Ik ben dit gaan doen omdat ik geef om de natuur en om mijn eigen leefomgeving, die ik graag door wil geven aan mijn kinderen.

Rona Thaulov

Hi, l am from Denmark and I started with just picking up cigarette butts. Then I Saw all the other stuff laying around and started using the Litterati app. Sometimes I take a butt-walk and I always end up feeling a bit angry on all the smokers. I mostly Pick up in Fredericia. But everywhere I go I look for litter, kind of a “bad” habit. I’m 45, married, have a dog and a son.

Susan Nagi

Greetings from Trash Travels Across America. I am a fulltime RVer and wildlife photographer. My commitment is to set aside time for a litter clean up in each community that I visit and invite community members to join in. Come and join me online as I travel across America to clean up in our communities. I am happy to share clean up efforts across the country to help unify our efforts in caring for our environment.